How to use Glow Paints

The Following gives you some guidelines as to the usage of Glow Paints. These are just guidelines and the user should use their best judgment in working with the paints.

Basic Guidelines:

  • Use a white, or light color as a background for best results. Any color other than white will diminish glow.
  • If painting a black surface with powders, brilliance will be less.
  • The thicker (to a point) the layer of Glow Paint will produce longer and brighter luminosity.
  • Do not grind the Glow Powder within the paint, it will destroy the crystal structure and therefore decrease luminosity.
  • Work with a black light on so you can see your work as you create it.
  • If using on wood, first apply a layer of regular paint.
  • Apply a final clear overcoat to protect the material from humidity/environment and to improve gloss. We recommend our proven Premium Sealant but you may also use a Epoxy Gloss (2 part system that creates a hard coating)
  • Allow one hour for top drying. When spraying allow 5 min drying time between passes and one hour set up time between coats.
  • Use several coats to achieve a smooth finish.
  • Paint only on dry surfaces free from wax, dust, chalk, ect.
  • Sand old glossy surfaces. Etch metal surface before applying


None Required. If necessary thin up to 5% (mineral spirits or other)


Normally to touch in 30- 60 minutes; to handle in 3-4 hours. Recoat in 2 hours.

Clean Up:

Brush Conditioner or mineral spirits


Your GLOW PAINT PRO paints can be sprayed, roller and brushed.

Stencil the universe onto your ceiling! To make your own stencils simply cut out shapes from paper/ cardboard or stencil sheets from your local craft store.. Apply with a small brush, roller, air brush, cotton swab on stick or sponge. To improve the glow effect, apply a white base coat under the photoluminescence layer. Kids will have fun helping and everyone will enjoy the magic of turning out the lights once the paint dries.

Hidden Pictures:

Paint a mural on your wall, then with the Glow in the Clear Dark paint you make, add in hidden pictures that will only show when room is dark!

Fishing Lures and Rod Tips:

Glow paint is used in a wide range of applications like production of glow in the dark clear coats for your lures. Be sure to seal them with an epoxy gloss hardener for longer outdoors life.

Identification Markings:

Use glow powder to mark items to protect from theft (example tools). Then use a black light to show your identification mark!

Home Safety:

Glow in the dark paint can be used to mark exits, hallways, doors, stairs, light switches, and everything in between. You can use our product in your home so that you do not have to turn on the light to see where you are going during the night.

Charging Times:

Re-chargeable many times over just by exposing it to any light source;

Sun light – 5 minutes;UV light (Black light) – 5 to 10 minutes

* Normal light – 20 to 30 minutes.


Avoid heat,sparks flames. Do not breath dust vapors or mist. Open windows/doors to ensure fresh air entry.

First Aid:

If swallowed do not induce vomiting, seek medical attention immediately. Eye Contact-Flush immediately for 15 min. and seek medical attention. Wash skin thoroughly with soap and water.

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